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A woman came forward in response to a word of knowledge about neuropathy. As she was walking to the front, she felt a weight on her jaw and she was suddenly healed from 10 years of TMJ. Laughing from joy and surprise, she then received prayer for the total loss of feeling below her knees. After each prayer, she could feel a little bit more and, after the third prayer, she regained complete feeling in her legs and feet!
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“Passion born out of an encounter with God cannot be quenched.”
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“40 Days to Wholeness” Book by Beni Johnson
One Day at a Time to a Healthier You - Body, Soul and Spirit! What is the secret to revolutionizing your lifestyle and walking in Heaven's supernatural wholeness? It's simple: taking your journey one day at a time! When Beni Johnson began her journey to health, God gave her grace to customize a user-friendly plan that would help her achieve maximum results. This same grace is available for you!

In the 40 Days to Wholeness: Body, Soul and Spirit devotional, Beni shares practical strategies in daily, bite-sized entries that will help you successfully begin your personal journey into renewed health, sustained wholeness, and measurable results!

Get aligned with God's divine design today and experience freedom - body, soul and spirit!   [more info]
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